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How important is IP? – Ep.020

Chris Walters, Samantha Fisher, and Matt Miller discuss how important intellectual property is to a game. Are 90 versions of Munchkin enough? Too many? Just right? What about the perfect board game to complement a themed party? Don’t forget that you can join us Sunday...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.018

Lot’s of talk about Kickstarter this past week. From plagiarization to nearly-instant funding on some hot new campaigns. This episode has Chris Walters, Gil Melo, Adam Kroeger, and Matt Miller examining what it means to us as backers (heck, three of the four of us are...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.017

Back to an RPG topic tonight, and since we are talking about the basics of Dungeon Mastering, we figured we would bring in the most basic DM we know, Captain Sugar Bear. (jk, I just wanted to see if he would read this text). For real though, Brian Penaloza, is a...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.016

To talk video games, Chris Walters decided to bring in the big guns. Samantha Fisher has been writing about video games for GeekDad, and now she is sharing her thoughts on the current trend of board games becoming video games. See what Gil Melo and Matt Miller also...

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