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Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.004

This week we dive deep into the mechanic of worker placement. We talk about the defining examples of the style, and share our experiences with them. Follow/Subscribe to Geek Spiel on Twitch:  twitch.tv/GeekSpiel Follow Geek Spiel on Twitter:...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.003

This week we is a beginners guide to Role-Playing Games. Listen to some newbies and some old school players talk about the systems and settings that make RPGs a great way to game with your friends. Online or offline, there are some great times ahead. Follow Geek Spiel...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.002

This week’s topic is Kickstarter. We talk about our favorites, our disappointments, and our fevered anticipations. We have two creators on the panel with us to help us understand how Kickstarter is impacting the board game industry as a whole. Listen as Jason Orcena...

Emma May

Air Date 02/21/2018 Emma May Creator of the Quirk! card games. Twitter Twitter If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we...

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