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Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.017

Back to an RPG topic tonight, and since we are talking about the basics of Dungeon Mastering, we figured we would bring in the most basic DM we know, Captain Sugar Bear. (jk, I just wanted to see if he would read this text). For real though, Brian Penaloza, is a...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.016

To talk video games, Chris Walters decided to bring in the big guns. Samantha Fisher has been writing about video games for GeekDad, and now she is sharing her thoughts on the current trend of board games becoming video games. See what Gil Melo and Matt Miller also...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.015

Asymmetric mechanics are used in games to vary playstyle and grant replayability. Some games go a LOT further than some others. On this episode, Chris Walters welcomes Gil Melo, Adam Kroeger, and Matt Miller back to the panel to discuss where variable powers ends and...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.014

Host, Chris Walters welcomes a new voice on the discussion this week. He, Gil Melo, and Matt Miller are joined by Adam Kroeger to bring in his thoughts on area control games and it’s value as a game mechanic. There is some talk about the recent Origins 2018...

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.013

Many are planning to attend Origins 2018 in mid-June. With that being one of the biggest conventions in the US, we figured we should dedicate an episode of the show talking about what folks should and shouldn’t do when gathered with 20,000 of their closest friends....

Geek Spiel On Air – Ep.012

We all have our own priorities and methods for growing and cultivating a game collection. Tonight, Chris Walters, Gil Melo, and Matt Miller discuss theirs with guest Christian Kang (TakeYourChits). They also get into best practices for storing and protecting these...

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