GSOA #043 – Paladins of the West Kingdom

Chris and Matt talk about their tabletop experiences over the last week, and then take a look at the latest game from Shem Phillips and Garphill Games, Paladins of the West Kingdom. This episode will leave you laughing, thinking, and possibly even going looking for...

GSOA #042 – Mothership: Tabletop Combat

Chris, Matt, and Gil chat about their plays of the last week, and then dive into their thoughts of the game of the week, Mothership: Tabletop Combat from Peter Sanderson. This "4x light" game offers a lot of strategic options and a big box of mini ships. Listen quick,...

GSOA #041 – Furtherance

We have been diligently making Geek Spiel On Air every week using Twitch, but for a long while now, we weren't getting it edited into a podcast. That changes today. We are back on your favorite podcast source! Chris Walters and Matt Miller spend this episode chatting...

Mothership: Tabletop Combat

Mothership: Tabletop Combat, a clean and punchy war game has elements like actions cards and tech trees to add variety and multiple play modes for replayability.


Rulers and kingdoms. Development and conquest. Subtle manipulation and outright war. Furtherance is all these things and more. Live on Kickstarter.


Sheep-Boom-Bah expertly crafts tension while delivering the laughs. Will your sheep go “Bah!” or die in a disastrous “Boom!?”


Build a better superhero with KAPOW!, the customizable dice battle game of heroic proportions from 2 Ton Porcupine.

Ore: The Mining Game

Build your fortune while ushering America in the modern age in “Ore: The Mining Game”, on Kickstarter now.

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