Sheep-Boom-Bah expertly crafts tension while delivering the laughs. Will your sheep go “Bah!” or die in a disastrous “Boom!?”


Build a better superhero with KAPOW!, the customizable dice battle game of heroic proportions from 2 Ton Porcupine.

Ore: The Mining Game

Build your fortune while ushering America in the modern age in “Ore: The Mining Game”, on Kickstarter now.

Tangled Timelines

Tangled Timelines, by The Daniel Zayas Company – use your best classes & heroes to untangle snarled timelines to save the world. Coming soon to Kickstarter.

Animal Kingdoms

Galactic Raptor is a new indie publisher formed from two existing publishers, Weird Giraffe Games and Letiman Games, with Animal Kingdoms being their premiere title. Weird Giraffe Games is publisher of games such as the recently funded Kickstarter Dreams of Tomorrow...

Deep Water Games – Nolan Nasser

This episode has host, Will Esgro, chatting with Nolan about Deep Water Games' big hit of 2018, Welcome To...  Did you also know that Nolan is a crazy-talented artist? Do you want to know what is next from Deep Water Games? Do you want to win a printed copy of...

Games. In. Space. – Ep.024

We kick off our month-long look at games with the “space” theme or IP. We hear the top 5 favorites from Chris, Adam, Gil, and Matt, talk about each of them, and then tell folks how to win a copy of some space games this month! Don’t forget that you can join us Sunday...

What night works for you? – Ep.022

Chris Walters and Matt Miller are the only two voices this week. Sounds familiar, right? You just get a good group of heavy gamers assembled, and then life gets in the way. Not uncommon, and nothing to be worried about. Chris and Matt share some of their experiences,...

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