Emma is the founder, game designer, artist, and well, most everything else at Emmerse Studios. That is her UK-based game company that has successfully Kickstarted and then self-distributed three different versions of “Quirk!” starting in 2016. 

Emma was a guest on Episode 007 of Table Crashers, and that was no small feat, considering the time difference between the UK, and the eastern US. She was up well into the night to talk with Ryan Cottrill, and then play with Chris Walters, Chris Cornell, Matt Williams, Frank Orcena, and Alycia Orcena. 

If you want to find Emma’s stuff, you can use these handy links…

Twitter:  @EmmerseStudios

BGG User:  Emma May

Quirk! (2017) | BGG Page | Amazon.co.uk

Quirk! Legends (2018) | BGG Page

Quirk! Hallows (2018) | BGG Page

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