This week Will Esgro will talk with Doug Hettrick about his game design background, and maybe we will get an idea of what the Board Game Baker is all about. After the interview, these two will crash a Tabletop Simulator module of Kapow!, give us a quick rules teach, and maybe even have time to play a game of it. Our interviews may run wide of the normal subject matter from time to time, but we think that game design interviews are a dime a dozen, and we want to get to some new information without going “Full James Lipton”.

Quick Look

If you want a written preview of the game before watching, you can catch Jim Clapperton’s Quick Look article.

Table Crashers

Starting with just the interview portion of the Table Crashers stream. You can see that Doug is really uncomfortable with the camera…

Next up is the demo part. Two things to note:
1) Doug tried to rush in a sip of his beverage as the producer counted him into the live feed, and he failed in the most wonderful way. It was left in for the joy of watching it.
2) Instead of just a rules-teach, Will and Doug were able to play a whole game in this video because it is a pretty fast-paced game and neither of them really played any defense. Something, something, death knell.

Crunchy Cardboard

Scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 6th at 9:30pm. It is a two player game, so we will have to see who has the guts to go up against Chris Walters when death is on the line.

Geek Spiel On Air

Chris Walters, Matt Miller, and Gil Melo are scheduled to be live on Twitch at 10pm EST, Sunday, Feb 10th. The plan is to review Kapow! from this week, and Ore: The Mining Game from last week. Tune in to see if any of that really happens, or if Gil just spends an hour telling us about his travels of the last month where he took board gaming to the WORLD!


2 Ton Porcupine has generously agreed to give-away a copy of Kapow! this week to one lucky person. Your chances to enter are:
– During the Table Crashers stream on Twitch (1 entry for anyone, and 5 entries for our Twitch subs).
– During the Crunchy Cardboard live-play session of Kapow! on Twitch starting a 9:30pm EST on Wednesday, February 6th (another 1 entry for anyone, or 5 for subs).
– Anytime during the week, come to the Discord server, and organize a game in the #lets-play-a-game channel. All players get 3 entries, and the winner gets an extra entry.
NOTE: These entries stack! If you watch both shows, and play a bunch of games on TTS, you can totally load the raffle in your favor.

Discord Community

The community is where we are. It is where we play games and give some good-natured grief to each other about our gaming triumphs (or, more likely, their gaming failures). This is the internet, as you know, so I feel compelled to notify you up front that the community is PG-13. Don’t bother clicking if you can’t bottle up the f-bomb. After that warm welcome, if you still want to join us, here is the link: Geek Spiel Discord Server

Get the Game

Matt Miller got the digital assets from the publisher to make this: Kapow!- Tabletop Simulator Module
While the module is super cool … and digital … and free (if you own Tabletop Simulator, of course) … it really isn’t as wonderful as having a physical copy of the game on your table. If you like what you see, consider picking up a copy over at 2 Ton Porcupine’s Online Shop (not an affiliate link, just a good, old-fashioned, hyperlink)

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