We have been diligently making Geek Spiel On Air every week using Twitch, but for a long while now, we weren’t getting it edited into a podcast.

That changes today. We are back on your favorite podcast source!

Chris Walters and Matt Miller spend this episode chatting about some of the games from the recent weeks. Namely, the Geek Spiel game of the week for last week: Furtherance from Brent Keath and Flannel Games.

Before they get to that one though, they run through their plays of Wildlands by Martin Wallace from Osprey Games and then Architects of the Western Kingdom by Shem Phillips from Garphill Games.

Give the show a listen. If you want to engage during the live-stream recording of the main show’s content, you can join us on Sunday nights at 10pm over at our Twitch Channel.

You can also get into the playing of games with us. Pop in and say hello on our Discord Server.

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