Emma May

Emma is the founder, game designer, artist, and well, most everything else at Emmerse Studios. That is her UK-based game company that has successfully Kickstarted and then self-distributed three different versions of "Quirk!" starting in 2016.  Emma was a guest...

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Chris Walters

Avid board game and tabletop RPG player. Regular on GeekSpiel’s Table Crashers and host of GeekSpiel on Air.

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John Harman

With a jack-of-all-trades mentality, John Harman has tried a little of everything in many different jobs and it shows in the various art styles he’s explored over the years. He’s tried his hand at a bunch of styles using primarily vector art programs as his tool of...

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Brian Penaloza

Brian Penaloza (better known as Bear) is co-founder of SoulBear Productions, and one the hosts of the Nerdy Point of View podcast. Oh, he also plays and DMs several roleplaying game campaigns each week. Oh, and beyond that, he is one of the genuinely good guys on the...

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Joseph Limbaugh

Joseph Limbaugh is a native Oregonian of Scottish/French/German ancestry. He is a writer and a geek and a game designer and some people think he’s funny. He is the co-founder of Postcard Games.  Find Postcard Games (and, buy them!) on their website, or at their...

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Frank DiCola

Frank DiCola is the CEO of Game Revenant.  He is the game designer and artist behind their 2015 title, Mr Game!In addition to board games, Frank develops video games with Game Revenant. He is listed with art and animation credits on the 2018 release of Where Shadows...

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